Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Winery & wedding buzz, March 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

The other winery in Delaware

When Jess was searching for a vineyard in Delaware to host her wedding, the only one she could find online was beyond her budget. But then she heard on the grapevine of another winery. One that doesn't seem to have a web presence.

Pizzadili Winery is run by Tony and Pete Pizzadili, who grew up in Italy in the early 50's. Their father made wine for a living, so when the family came to the states in 1956 they continued making wine in their backyard. In 1992 they purchased 100 acres of farmland and started planting grapes. When their production reached the legal 200-gallon limit, they decided to turn their hobby into a business, and started work on buildings and permits in 2004. Pizzadili Winery opened in October 2007. (read more at Delaware winery content to be small)

They hosted their first wedding in 2006. They are sole providers of catering and wine for the events. Christy and Joel got married at Pizzadili's in 2008 and said:

We could not have asked for a more perfect day! Our wedding was great! Getting married at Pizzadili's Winery in Felton, DE was really fun, low key, romantic, beautiful, PERFECT!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red wine, red wedding dress?

According to Red Hot Brides, red wedding dresses are currently all the rage, and why not? It might fit nicely with a red wine wedding theme.

A white dress has come to be a symbol of purity, innocence, and virginity, but prior to Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, it was common to wear one's best dress, whatever the color. Since then, a brightly colored dress has come to be considered poor taste and taboo. On the other hand, some cultures consider red to represent good luck. So why not give it a go and stand out from the crowd?

You don't have to go with bright poppy red. For a vineyard theme, a wine red or grape red might be an excellent choice. Or perhaps a white dress with red accents? Here is a selection of red bridal gowns brought to you by

Monday, March 22, 2010

Custom label wines

Since you will probably be buying wine by the case for your various wedding celebrations, you might like to consider having custom labels made for the occasion.

Wilson Creek Winery offers to make custom labels for their Champagnes, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon  and Merlot wines. You can start with one of their many templates, or use your own one of a kind label.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The small print of renting a winery

How much is it going to cost to rent a winery?

Santa Barbara Wine Country Wedding and Events understands these issues, and has come up with a list of extra indirect costs that the winery's contract may impose upon you. For example, their set-up and strike down times may mean that vendors have to hire extra staff or pay overtime. You will probably need liability insurance, and may be asked to hire a staff manager to handle emergencies, child care professionals, and an event coordinator.

The list is quite long, so check it out at Avoiding "Hidden" Costs/Surprises in your Winery Wedding Budget.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Invitation Indecision

"Miss Jellyfish" is planning a vineyard wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery this coming September, and has started looking for invitations. In her blog post "Invitation Indecision" she looks at eleven options that she has discovered so far and shares what she likes and dislikes about each one.

Friday, March 12, 2010

How to taste wine

Frank Mangio of TasteOfWineTV shares the key rules for beginning wine lovers, in a quick, four step wine tasting guide - color, swirling, smelling and tasting.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wine and the recession

The Press Democrat, of Santa Rosa, California, reports on how the recession has hit local wineries.

Since the start of the recession in 2007, it has become chic to drink cheaper wines. There has been a flood of cheap imports to the US, and local wineries are offering deep discounts. One wine that previously retailed for $15 can now be found at $5.99. Wineries are finding it hard to get bank loans, and vineyards are receiving less for their grapes. Some wineries are on the market, and their value has fallen by 20% - 50%. The only good news seems to be that US wine consumption is still increasing.

Read the full article, Setbacks in Wine Country.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Clos LaChance Winery wedding

When Jessica and Cory got married at Clos LaChance Winery in San Martin, two photographers covered their wedding. Take a look at the inspirational photography of Sam Hassas and Keith Simonian.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cooking with wine

I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.
W. C. Fields

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grape vine furniture

Here's a unique idea that wine lovers may want to add to their gift registry.

Wine Country Craftsman specializes in creating tables and custom furniture out of 60-100 year old retired grape vines from California. These unique and one of a kind tables are a perfect addition to the home, gallery, Bed and Breakfast, winery or wine tasting room.

"Each piece is pruned by hand to reveal, preserve and promote the essence of its form" according to Michael Weiss, CEO and founder of Wine Country Craftsman.  "With careful shaping and finishing, each piece becomes a work of art suitable for warming the heart of a true wine lover".

The result speaks for itself. Each vine has its own character, some seeming to rest in serene meditation, some to dance in playful glee. The warmth of the wood invites your fingers to trace contours, follow branches, and contemplate the flow of life which took a century to express itself in the shape you see before you.

Passionate about their craft, Wine Country Craftsman invites you to enjoy the simplicity of nature in these beautiful pieces guaranteed to bring continued joy for many years to come.  The Company's philosophy of "honoring and preserving nature's gifts" is evident in every furniture design they create.

Say "I Do with Mirassou" - win a $10,000 package!

The wedding day is one of the most important in a person's life, and today's couples strive to create a one-of-a-kind experience that is both personal and memorable for their guests, all while trying to stay within their budget. For one lucky couple, Mirassou Winery plans to help. The Mirassou family has been growing grapes and crafting superior wines in California since 1854, earning them the distinction of being America's oldest winemaking family. Today, the Mirassou wine style is refreshing and fruit-forward.

Mirassou recently announced their 6th annual "I Do with Mirassou" contest, which will help one engaged couple with both the cost of their wedding and a special, personalized California-cuisine-inspired wedding menu designed in conjunction with two food and wine experts: Celebrity Chef Aida Mollenkamp and sixth generation of America's oldest winemaking family, David Mirassou.

This year's contest kicks-off on March 2, 2010 and runs through June 27, 2010. Couples can enter to win $10,000, plus a trip to San Francisco and northern California wine country for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with wine expert David Mirassou and Celebrity Chef Aida Mollenkamp, host of the popular Food Network show "Ask Aida," to plan their custom California-inspired wedding menu, complete with food and wine pairings.

Up to five lucky finalists will be chosen and featured at for an online vote from July 16 - August 8, 2010, and all finalists will receive a Mirassou gift package. Finalists are encouraged to run their own campaigns to earn votes, since the winner will be the finalist with the most votes. The winning couple will be announced in August and will meet with Aida and David this fall to learn about the hottest wedding food and wine trends, as well as plan their own personalized wedding menu.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Rustic Vineyard Weddings

By Bridget Mora

Wine country is one of the most romantic places you can choose for a wedding. The natural beauty of a vineyard makes a stunning backdrop for a ceremony and reception. There are fantastic vineyards in places like California, Italy, France, and even upstate New York. The best part of course is enjoying the top wines that the vineyard has to offer.

When hosting your wedding in a location with its' own unique beauty, play up the elements that make the place special. So at a vineyard, choose natural decorations, displayed in non-fussy ways. Incorporate details like grapevines, trailing greenery, and fruit into your table d├ęcor and perhaps over an arbor for the ceremony. Rough hewn, simple containers made from wood, galvanized metals, or hollowed out vegetables would make wonderful vessels. Use elements that emphasize the bounty of the land.

The bride and groom should think about the setting when choosing their attire. Instead of a heavy satin gown and a tuxedo, consider sophisticated but less glitzy styles. The groom at a vineyard wedding would look great in either a suit (a tan linen one would be smashing for a summer wedding), or a blazer and trousers. The bride should look for a gown with simple lines, like an A-line or a sheath. A gown with texture, such as all-over lace, would look incredible in the naturally beautiful setting of wine country.

For the finishing touches, the bride should also look for accessories and a hairstyle that are not too fussy or stiff. Soft waves in her hair, held back by a handmade pearl comb would be sophisticated and simple. Handcrafted bridal jewelry is the perfect accent for a rustic reception. Think about keshi or baroque pearls, intertwined with strands of sterling silver. Soft movement always looks right in an outdoor locale, so look for handcrafted bridal jewelry like drop earrings and cluster necklaces.

After the bride, the wine itself is the star of the show at a vineyard wedding. Feature the vineyard's finest vintages, with information about each on the menu cards. A flight of wines, with an appropriate selection served with each course, would be a delightful way to highlight the best of the vineyard's offerings . Pair the wine with seasonal local cuisine, and you will really have a reception that is enjoyable and memorable for you and your guests. (Just be sure to provide transportation home for everyone!)

Briget has many years helping clients select jewelry and accessories. Let us know if you would like her to write on a particular topic.
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