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Pinot gris

  • pinot gris is a white wine grape variety.
  • pinot - French for "pine cone", perhaps because of the shape of the grape clusters.
  • gris - French for "grey".
  • known as pinot grigio in Italy.
  • usually pinot grigio in California, pinot gris in Oregon.
  • the grape can have a brownish pink to black and even white appearance.
  • grows best in cool climates, and matures relatively early with high sugar levels.
  • the wine colour varies from a deep golden yellow to copper and even a light shade of pink.
  • can be bottled and sold within 4–12 weeks of fermentation.
  • probably originates from the Burgundy region of France.
  • unreliable yields caused it to fall from favour in the 18/19th centuries.
  • first grown in North America in 1966 in Oregon.
  • its DNA is very similar to pinot noir.
Professional Friends of Wine describe the wines made from this grape:
Pinot gris /pinot grigio is usually delicately fragrant and mildly floral with lightly lemon-citrus flavors. Depending upon ripeness at harvest and vinification technique, pinot gris can be tangy and light, or quite rich, round and full bodied. says that
Pinot grigio pairs well with light dishes that are still on the "thick" side, like chicken in a rich white sauce, or eggplant with heavy spices. says of the wine:
Often described as having a floral, smoky, honey-tinged flavor with a minor citrus kick, pinot gris wine is a dry, crisp white wine often high in acidity and low in tannins. Pinot gris should be consumed within two years of its vintage, and pairs well with seafood, pork and chicken, if served sans acidic embellishments.
In 2007, the New York Times said:
Oregon pinot gris can be a wine of character and interest. The good ones have aromas and flavors of flowers, almonds and minerals. They have grace and texture, and are lively enough to go well with food. Best of all, they almost always cost less than $20.

Here is a video about pinot gris that tastes four different wines - don't be put off by the whacky intro - it gets better.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sipping suggestions for your wedding reception

by guest writer Diana Valentine

A major component of  a wedding reception feast is certainly wine. However, wine is not the only beverage that would be required to please your guests and let them have a good time. Your reception all depends on how you treat your guests with food and drinks in tandem with your overall theme.

If you're wondering which champagnes and wines are best to serve during wedding receptions, you're not alone. Most couples want to find universally delicious wines to pour for their guests, and something to please them as well. You should consider both those wine savvy friends and your oaky-Chardonnay sipping mothers. And of course champagne will need to be poured; you practically can't celebrate without these days!

Here are a few basics that you'll need to know to get the perfect variety for wedding receptions. At most parties, approximately half of the guests will drink white wine, Chardonnay is the most popular, and slightly more will drink red wine. So you'll want to consider your guests. Are there more women? They are more often white wine drinkers, and more male guests mean more red wine. And for those same men, you might even consider having beer to serve as well. You'll also want to consider what food you are serving. If you're serving seafood, think beyond Chardonnay and look into a crisp Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. Both also pair nicely with cheese platters, spicy tapas, creamy pasta and chicken entrees. You might even look into a lovely dry Rosé to pour for guests. Not only is it a pretty shade of pink in your glass, but your wine expert friends will be impressed in your taste in wines. For red wines, Merlot and Cabernet are the most popular options for wedding receptions and both work perfectly with hearty red meats or pastas with robust red sauces. If you'd prefer something a bit lighter, look into an earthy Pinot Noir and you might even catch your new mother-in-law branching out and trying a glass.

Wine is great for wedding receptions as it brings an element of class to your celebration as it has been served to celebrate couples since marriage was invented! Many couples today even choose to have their wedding receptions at wineries. Picture an intimate ceremony in a sun-kissed vineyard with an elegant dinner served in a wine cave in Napa. Regardless of your location, don't overlook the importance of choosing wine for your wedding. And you should plan to have a bottle of red and a bottle of white on each table and about two glasses of Champagne per guest. Since wines can get a bit pricey, you might consider going to the winery to taste the wines first. They will often give you a case discount which can be gentler on your bank account. The more wine you pour, the more toasts you will receive to "a life of wedded bliss," cheers!

For more information on serving food and wine during your reception and to know more about wedding receptions, visit

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Help needed March 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winery and Wedding Buzz, March 2011

Could weddings at wineries become a thing of the past?:
Preparations for an outdoor winery wedding in the Malibu hills:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Winery wedding venues in Woodinville, Washington

In January this year, a number of winery wedding venues put on a tour to give couples a view of each fully decorated venue to better envision their special wedding day. Vendors were on hand to show off table settings, floral designs, catering, music and everything else that goes to make a wedding special.

This video taken during the event gives you a flavour of what to expect at The Woodhouse Wine Estates, Novelty Hill • Januik Winery, DeLille Cellars, Willows Lodge, Columbia Winery and JM Cellars.

Weddings in Woodinville from Bogle Productions on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vineyard wedding colors

Kristen Marquette has written a column for eHow about choosing the colors for your vineyard wedding. Whether you want to choose one of the subtle shades of a red or white wine - don't be afraid to stand out in a red wedding dress! Or you might prefer an earth tone or a green to complement the scenery, or choose a purple to match the ripening grapes. Consider also the season that your wedding will be held - the greens may be most appropriate early in the spring or early summer, and the purples reserved for fall just before the grape harvest.

Try to apply your chosen color scheme to the whole wedding, starting with the invitation cards and all the other stationery that you might use, even perhaps a custom wine label. Carry it through to dress of the wedding party, the flowers and other decorations. This does not mean using just the one color everywhere, but try to keep a strong theme, and choose a complementary color or two to use tastefully alongside it in small splashes.

As well as color, you might like to use a motif throughout your wedding. Your should perhaps also consider the style of the vineyard you chose. Some are very sophisticated, while others lend themselves to a more rustic ambience. It would probably be unwise to work against the surroundings you are in.

More resources:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choosing your wedding photographer

Wedding TV, a women's lifestyle TV channel in the UK, takes a look at wedding photography and talks to Anthony Higham of Your Big Day Photography.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A wine country wedding at Napa Valley's Harvest Inn

The Harvest Inn is the perfect setting for an unforgettable wine country wedding. Situated in the Napa Valley, the inn offers eight acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and country estate-style accommodations, making it the ideal wedding location.

Wedding cinematography by Daydreamer Cinema.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Let Google help with your wedding

Last year I posted a video showing how Google Docs can help you with your wedding planning. Now they have a page dedicated to help you further simplify your wedding planning.

You can share your story and event details with an easy to create website. They also have photo editing tools that allow you to create perfect photos and use them to create announcements, save the date cards and more. You can create an online photo album to share your engagement and wedding pictures, or gather photos of floral arrangements, dresses and other inspirations.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Winery wedding planning - training video excerpt

New Wedding Planet, a membership trade association for wedding consultants and other wedding professionals, has released an excerpt of their wedding consultant training course featuring Yvonne Horn, author of Winery Wedding Guide.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Winery and Wedding Buzz, February 2011

This month's roundup of ideas that may help with your wedding planning.

And finally, Jeanette and Mark's wedding at Wilson Creek Winery, beautifully captured by Bob Hoffman Video & Photography:

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Help needed February 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011's Top Wineries for a Wedding says that "wineries can be one of the most beautiful, romantic places to have a wedding"  and have published their top 10 wineries in the United States for hosting a wedding. It includes wineries in California, Washington, Michigan, New York, Maryland and Virginia.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winery Wedding Guide

Winery weddings – unique, romantic, unforgettable – are hot, with more and more brides-to-be dreaming of lush vineyards and picturesque wineries as the perfect setting for a perfect day. All winery wedding venues, however, are not created equal.  Some offer complete soup-to-nuts packages, others provide nothing more than the setting. Either way, Winery Wedding Guide,, suggests a list of questions to insure there are no surprises.  Among those the Guide suggests:

•   Does the fee differ according to the day of the week?
•   What does your basic fee include?
•   May all areas of the property be used for photography?
•   How many hours may we have use of the venue? 
•   Do you offer a contingency plan for outdoor venues if the weather doesn’t cooperate?
•   What kind of restroom facilities are provided?
•   Where  will the parking be, will it be sufficient and convenient?

Another important questions is which winery, where? Winery Wedding Guide answers that questions by providing  one-stop shopping for the perfect winery wedding venue. Organized by state and region, the Guide is a definitive listing of those wineries among the nation’s some 6,000 that are available for winery-wedding celebrations. The listing is able to be all-inclusive because no winery pays to be listed. To date, winery wedding venues in 22 states are listed.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wine and Weddings - Hauser Estate Winery Bridal Faire

The Hauser Estate Winery of Biglerville, Pennsylvania, are holding a Bridal Faire in their tasting room on Sunday, February 27, 2011. It's your chance to meet caterers, bakers, florists, and other wedding vendors in a spectacular venue.

Fall at the Tasting Room! - by Hauser Estate Winery

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Designing a theme for your wedding

Style Me Pretty recently reported on a stunning design theme based on black and white, and a butterfly motif. The butterfly turns up everywhere, as mobiles above the tables, on a wall as a substitute guest book, and in floral displays. The black and white theme is used throughout; the bridal gown was white with black accessories, the cake white with black accents, the place settings white china with black glasses and napkins. Even the invitations were black with white lettering. Other motifs used to a lesser extent included trees and deer.

For a wine themed wedding, one could take a similar approach, perhaps using vine leaves or bunches of grapes as motifs.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Trash the Dress" at a winery!

Sometimes trends pass me by as I work away at my studio in rural Nova Scotia making wedding favors. One such trend is Trash the Dress.

According to Wikipedia, Trash the Dress may have its roots in the 1998 film Sunset Beach, in which a bride runs into the ocean wearing her gown, but the style of wedding photography, which contrasts elegant clothing with a less than elegant environment, was started in 2001 by John Michael Cooper.  Trash the dress photography is often done as an additional shoot after the wedding, and may be a symbolic statement that the wedding and all that is associated with it is over.

Ben Pancoast, a Michigan photographer, did a trash the dress photo session at the Round Barn Winery last fall. Ben says there is no need to trash the dress, and quite often the dress is fine, the idea of the session is often simply to take pictures you didn't have time for on the wedding day. Ben has done several other trash the dress sessions. Check them out!

On the other hand, Reese went all the way and had a fine time trashing her dress.
The photographer of Reese’s trash the dress session was Meghan Aileen from Franklin, Tennessee. Meghan  travels for wedding shoots and this one was at Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards in California. She too has done other trash the dress shoots.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mix & Mingle Bridal Event at Thomas Fogarty Winery

Thomas Fogarty Winery are hosting a Mix & Mingle Bridal Event on Sunday, February 27, 2011, at 1pm. This is an opportunity to meet their preferred vendors and sample their wines. Admission is free for couples who have already booked their wedding, but all others are welcome for just $5.

Thomas Fogarty are celebrating their thirtieth year of operation in the Santa Cruz Mountains, between San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Win the 2011 wedding of your dreams

Chateau St. Jean wine estate could be the backdrop for your own unforgettable day in California's Sonoma Valley. Enter their Sonoma dream wedding competition for a chance to win the 2011 wedding of your dreams, which includes an elegant garden ceremony, an outdoor catered reception, airfare to San Francisco, five nights of luxury accommodations and a Bella Pictures premium photography package. All you have to do is submit a photo and tell them why it would be your "Dream Wedding" to be married at Chateau St. Jean Winery, but hurry, entries must be received by March 1, 2011. Entries must be creative, original, and relevant to the Chateau St. Jean brand.

Good luck.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Five questions about vineyard weddings

Annette Hoegner answers five questions about vineyard weddings on Get Married TV.

  1. Why have a vineyard wedding?
  2. How does a vineyard wedding add a modern twist to the ceremony?
  3. How can the bride make a grand entrance at a vineyard wedding?
  4. How does the vineyard wedding compare to the destination wedding?
  5. What do I need to consider when planning a vineyard wedding?