Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vineyard wedding colors

Kristen Marquette has written a column for eHow about choosing the colors for your vineyard wedding. Whether you want to choose one of the subtle shades of a red or white wine - don't be afraid to stand out in a red wedding dress! Or you might prefer an earth tone or a green to complement the scenery, or choose a purple to match the ripening grapes. Consider also the season that your wedding will be held - the greens may be most appropriate early in the spring or early summer, and the purples reserved for fall just before the grape harvest.

Try to apply your chosen color scheme to the whole wedding, starting with the invitation cards and all the other stationery that you might use, even perhaps a custom wine label. Carry it through to dress of the wedding party, the flowers and other decorations. This does not mean using just the one color everywhere, but try to keep a strong theme, and choose a complementary color or two to use tastefully alongside it in small splashes.

As well as color, you might like to use a motif throughout your wedding. Your should perhaps also consider the style of the vineyard you chose. Some are very sophisticated, while others lend themselves to a more rustic ambience. It would probably be unwise to work against the surroundings you are in.

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