Monday, February 7, 2011

"Trash the Dress" at a winery!

Sometimes trends pass me by as I work away at my studio in rural Nova Scotia making wedding favors. One such trend is Trash the Dress.

According to Wikipedia, Trash the Dress may have its roots in the 1998 film Sunset Beach, in which a bride runs into the ocean wearing her gown, but the style of wedding photography, which contrasts elegant clothing with a less than elegant environment, was started in 2001 by John Michael Cooper.  Trash the dress photography is often done as an additional shoot after the wedding, and may be a symbolic statement that the wedding and all that is associated with it is over.

Ben Pancoast, a Michigan photographer, did a trash the dress photo session at the Round Barn Winery last fall. Ben says there is no need to trash the dress, and quite often the dress is fine, the idea of the session is often simply to take pictures you didn't have time for on the wedding day. Ben has done several other trash the dress sessions. Check them out!

On the other hand, Reese went all the way and had a fine time trashing her dress.
The photographer of Reese’s trash the dress session was Meghan Aileen from Franklin, Tennessee. Meghan  travels for wedding shoots and this one was at Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards in California. She too has done other trash the dress shoots.

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