Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grape vine furniture

Here's a unique idea that wine lovers may want to add to their gift registry.

Wine Country Craftsman specializes in creating tables and custom furniture out of 60-100 year old retired grape vines from California. These unique and one of a kind tables are a perfect addition to the home, gallery, Bed and Breakfast, winery or wine tasting room.

"Each piece is pruned by hand to reveal, preserve and promote the essence of its form" according to Michael Weiss, CEO and founder of Wine Country Craftsman.  "With careful shaping and finishing, each piece becomes a work of art suitable for warming the heart of a true wine lover".

The result speaks for itself. Each vine has its own character, some seeming to rest in serene meditation, some to dance in playful glee. The warmth of the wood invites your fingers to trace contours, follow branches, and contemplate the flow of life which took a century to express itself in the shape you see before you.

Passionate about their craft, Wine Country Craftsman invites you to enjoy the simplicity of nature in these beautiful pieces guaranteed to bring continued joy for many years to come.  The Company's philosophy of "honoring and preserving nature's gifts" is evident in every furniture design they create.

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